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Releasing SnapFast!

Hi everyone! It’s been 4 months since I left the news! Since the release of Conceptiode, I was working on a video game and realizing that a snap tool eliminates the redundancy of placing and rotating prefabs. So here’s SnapFast, an easy and complete snapping tool for Unity!

SnapFast is a snapping tool independant from the standard snapping grid, allowing you to place a snapping point exactly wherever you need. Say goodbye to the time wasted trying to move and rotate manually your prefabs, you can now focus on the most important tasks of your game project.

A toolbox is also provided so you can add snap points on your model directly or edit them. You can select vertices for perfect allignments!

Its built-in tag system adds more modularity so you can adjust and test several tags for a snap point easily. Each snap point also have their own universal tag, for testing purposes.

Compatible with physical objects like rigidbodies, joints, ragdolls and more! You can customize the snapping and fasten behaviours with the included interface.

Youtube playlist:

Also it’s been 2 years I was working as an freelance developper! Thank you for supporting me across the years! There will be more news about the project I was working on. There’s already an obvious hint in the video 😉


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