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Announcing Conceptiode!

After 8 months in the making, the definitive graph editor framework is finally available in the Unity Asset Store!

With no experimental, preview or undocumented code, Conceptiode is the tool to make the exact diagrams and graphs you need for your projects. You can customize everything from nodes to grid, by going through the contextual menu and arrows. It’s complex core makes every modifications flexible and versatile and appealing to every level of programmers, just like for Unity Editor.

Thanks to IMGUI, you can implement your diagrams in any editor layouts or even in the inspector ! Here’s some screenshots taken during the development:

Conceptiode also has its own shapes library to draw lines and rounded-shape nodes. You can also use your own library, if you are not satisfied.

The programmer is not the only person kept in mind, but also the users! The UX has been greatly overhauled, compared to the official Unity Graph View. You can scroll while dragging a node by dragging it to the sides of the view, zoom in a element or at the center of the screen or toggle the grid, and more. These features are totally customizable by the developers.

The complete documentation is over 250 pages long, including the demos! They are only available as PDF files, for now. They obviously contains class diagrams! Also available online, usable as a backup or to share it with your team.

Despite Conceptiode goal’s completion, I’m currently working on VisualElement components. It may upgrade the performances significantly thanks to Unity Style Sheets (USS) that uses the GPU. This will become a turning point in the future. I may add tools to automate the process of creating new diagram editors quicker. Afterwards I will also try to make Conceptiode compatible with any versions of Unity up to Unity 3 versions (the first versions compatible with Windows).

Initially, I made Conceptiode to make project management diagrams but I realized its full potential and I made it as a whole framework. Today, I’m very excited to see what diagrams you will make with Conceptiode ! Don’t hesitate to share your creations in the social media and make it known by every developers!


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