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The “Workflow Update” (v1.1.2)

As promised, here’s the new update !


– Added the Todo Manager! Create a Task Context by right clicking to create lists of tasks.

– Added a link to my official website.


– Added Testers in the credits.

– Shows the curent version in the credits.

– It will shows the curent version when doing a manual update and it was not necessary.

Known Bugs

– When downloading an update, an error message will appear. It will stop poping after the download is complete.

– When installing BetterEditor for the first time it may not find the Settings file. If so, create a new Settings file by right clicking, while in BetterEditor folder, and click on “Create/BetterEditor/For Backups Only !/Settings“. This will be fixed firstly in the next hotfix.

Development Interruption

I planned to interrupt the development of BetterEditor for my professional projects after I fix the new critical bug. But I still maintain the support of this extension, if you have encountered uncomfortable bugs you can still report it in the “Bug Reports” thread.

Special Message From Me

After 3 years of modding, I made BetterEditor because I needed it. Making planes were painful to make. It was buggy quite often (like the good old missiles that doesn’t lock up <( °w°<) ), missing materials (not very often, but very inconvenient for mac users) and because of that I have to remake 26 mods from scratch to be sure to eliminate the bugs once and for all. During its development, I also considered BetterEditor to be a part of myself, because it does exactly what I did in the past. It builds planes, it sets up planes and it export planes like as I did before. And now, BetterEditor makes Ravenfield modding very complete and user friendly. You have proved that BetterEditor is fully able to do everything it promises now and it motivated everyone, and thank you very much for that!

I’m very sure, for the future, BetterEditor will be essential for Ravenfield modding. It creates assets with ease and can rebuild prefabs from scratch. If SteelRaven7 would like to implement it in RavenfieldToolsPack, I would 100% agree. If I had to quit modding, I always be there as long as BetterEditor is in the Workshop.

— Louis8257

The Future Of BetterEditor

I have more ideas for BetterEditor, that could be potentially subject of a major update. It would take time like 1 month but with all the projects I have, it will be completed for the next year.

That was the 10th update! Thanks everyone for supporting this mod ! BetterEditor has never been this big before!


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